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Welcome to Toronto! Anyone relocating to Canada's most populated city will find themselves at the heart of the country's entertainment, financial and cultural offerings. Expatriates living in Toronto will find their new home to be a progressive, cosmopolitan jewel in the "Golden Horseshoe", a region that almost one quarter of all Canadians call home. Despite its dense population, Toronto still has much to offer in lush green spaces, quiet getaways, and a progressive balance between urban living and environmental ownership. With so much to offer to so many, it's no wonder that, in addition to being a major tourist destination, it is the new home of millions of new Canadians from all over the world.

The city itself is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, and is the capital city of the Canadian province of the same name. Approximately 2.5 million people live and work in Toronto, making it the fifth largest city in North America. With its diverse multicultural popluation and close proximity to major U.S cities like New York and Chicago, Toronto has easily made its mark as the financial capital of Canada and is the home of the Toronto Stock Exchange, the seventh largest stock exchange in the world. Countless industries and coroprations have chosen to make Toronto their main base of operations. Torontonians also enjoy a rich tapestry of culture with a variety of art, theatre, music, film, and dance to choose from. Despite Canada's reputation for harsh temperatures, Toronto's climate is relatively moderate, with humid summers, cold winters, and crisp, beautiful autumns and springs.

In this guide, expatriates will find all the practical information they will need to relocate to Toronto. From procuring the proper visa to finding a new home to choosing the best school or daycare for your children, expat readers will receive an excellent jumpstart to their new life in one of North America's most vibrant, ethnically diverse, and exciting metropolitan centres. And, once you've settled into your new life, the Expat Info Desk Toronto Guide will continue to provide valuable data on the city and its offerings. You will have insider information on entertainment, restaurants, networking opportunities and much, much more--even before you're one of the "insiders". This guide will be the one reference tool that you keep returning to week by week and situation by situation to ensure you get the most out of your expatriate experience in Toronto.