Toronto preview


Toronto is, for the most part, a very pet friendly city. Most major parks in Toronto, such as High Park and Withrow Park offer leash-free areas where dogs are free to roam under the supervision of their owners. Cats and other smaller pets are generally welcome in most buildings with the understanding that they will not violate health or noise regulations.

With that in mind, Toronto maintains a very strong leash bylaw on its streets and sidewalks, and heavy fines for anyone not cleaning up after their pet in a public place. The city also requires that all pets be licensed, and will fine owners up to $240 for failing to do so. For more information on licensing your pet, please click here.

Not all apartment buildings or condominiums allow pets, so you need to inquire before settling on a place of residence. If you rent a house, you may need to ask your landlord before bringing a pet. If you own your house, you are welcome to keep any pets that are permissible according to the local bylaws.

In Toronto you are limited to a maximum of 6 pets in a household. This can be a combination of dogs, cats, ferrets, and/or rabbits with no more than 3 dogs at a time. Dogs and cats must have a city license. If you keep your dog outdoors, he must have a shelter and must not be tied with less than 3 meters of rope or chain. Pets cannot be allowed loose in the city, instead they can only be released in fenced yards or designated dog parks. Pets must be kept on a leash under 2 meters in length for the rest of the time. For more information, visit

If you have horses or other farm animals, you can find a boarding facility not far from the city limits. Boarding rates range from CDN$400-$1,000 per month depending on the facility and your horse’s needs. For a listing of some facilities in and around Toronto, visit