Paris preview


Throughout history, Parisians have identified themselves by where they live in the city, Left Bank, Right Bank, le seizième (the 16th), le troisième, (the 3rd), etc. With gentrification and escalating real estate prices in the recent past, residents have begun to move outside of fashionable areas in search of more affordable housing. Parisians live everywhere and options are available all over the city for new residents. There are, of course, some areas that cater to, and are more comfortable for, foreigners.

Note: It is easy to know the neighborhood of an address by looking at the zip code. The first two digits for the Paris zip code is 75, followed by a 0 and then the arrondissement; for example, 75001 for the 1st arrondissement or 75020 for the 20th.

Finding an apartment is generally not difficult as there are numerous real estate agencies throughout the city. Usually such agencies are specialized in the area in which they are located, so i…