Melbourne’s bus system may be the best feature of the combined Metlink network. While not as iconic as the Melbourne Tram, the bus network is wide reaching, convenient, and clean. Bus stops are plentiful and easily identified by their large shelters, or bright orange signs atop streetside posts. There usually isn’t a need to signal the driver as they’ll stop if there is even a remote chance that somone is waiting.

It’s an unspoken rule that you board from the front of the bus, and validate your ticket (if you purchased before or hold one from previous travel) or purchase one from the driver. While exact change is appreciated, it’s not demanded (but don’t try to board with a $50 note for a short ride). To signal the driver that you would like to get off at the next stop, press one of the many red buttons, or pull the stop alert cord that hangs near the roof.

Prices for bus travel follow the same principles, and use the same ticketing structure, as the rest of the Metlink network. Prices below are current as of May 2010. For current prices, see

ZONES 1 2 1+2
2-Hour Full Fare $3.70 $2.80 $5.80
Concession $2.30 $1.70 $3.30
Daily Full Fare $6.80 $4.80 $10.60
Concession $3.70 $2.70 $5.60
10 X 2 Hour / 5 X Daily / Weekly Full Fare $29.40 $20.20 $49.60
Concession $14.70 $10.10 $24.80
Monthly Full Fare $109.60 $73.40 $169.00
Concession $54.80 $36.70 $84.50
Yearly Full Fare Only $1173.00 $785.00 $1808.00

For more information, or to determine stops, routes and timetables see