Newspapers and Media Guide

The only two major Melbourne daily newspapers and media are The Age and The Herald Sun.

There is a distinct rivalry between devotees of these two, with The Age long being seen as the more highbrow and liberal broadsheet paper that discusses the ´serious issues´ and the Herald Sun being dismissed (by Age readers) as being ´tabloid trash´.

There is a third daily newspaper (owned by the Herald Sun) that is free and distributed specifically at public transport points. The purpose of this paper (called the MX) is a light read that lasts about as long as the commute home, and requires no thought to absorb.

International Newspapers and Media

Because there is such a high immigrant population in Melbourne, you can find international newspapers in almost all of the larger Newsagents.

Altona North News Agency
22 Borrack Square, Altona North
Phone: (03) 9391 2291

Clarendon Newsagency
276 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia
Phone: 03 9690 1350

The most commonly carried papers are:

  • New York Times / International Herald Tribune
  • London Times
  • NZ Herald
  • Singapore Straits Times
  • South China Morning Post
  • Il Globo
  • Ta Nea
  • Greek Herald
  • Vesti
  • Today Aehec
  • Sing Tao Daily
  • Pacific Times
  • Novosti
  • Hrvatski
  • Maltese Herald
  • Spanish Herald
  • Portugal Noticias
  • Express Wieczorny
  • Unification
  • International Express
  • Irish Echo
  • Neos Kosmos
  • Greek Times
  • Corriere Della Sera
  • Australian Macedonian Weekly
  • Melbourne Chinese Daily
  • Chinese Weekly
  • Serbian Times
  • Nova Hrvatski
  • Spremnost
  • Die Woche
  • El Espanol
  • Portugues Na Australia
  • Tygodnik Polski
  • Horizon
  • The Weekly Telegraph
  • The New Zealander
  • Scottish Banner
  • Guardian Weekly