Public Train in Houston

Considering that Houston is one of the largest cities in the U.S., an expat may find it hard to believe that the public train service is limited and poor. Houston only has one Metrorail line that runs from Downtown starting at the campus of the University of Houston – Downtown on Main Street and goes to the Reliant Park Stadium at Fannin and back. It hits locations on its route like the Downtown Transit Center for Metro buses, the Houston Community College, Museum District, and the TMC Transit Center.

Expansion is in the plans but due to political and budget issues, is not expected to happen any time soon.

Metrorail is practical when having to run errands downtown or when using a bus to get to downtown and then using the rail to get to a final destination near the rail line.

Tickets must be purchased before entering the rail and are available at vending machines at every stop. The cost is $1.25 per ticket and the machine accepts cash and debit/credit cards.

Metrorail Information: