Taxis are present in Houston but an expat will soon notice that there is not an abundance of them available on the streets. The only place where you will readily find a taxi available is at the airport or at locations downtown or near dance clubs around closing time. They will have a sign on the roof displaying whether they are available or not. In general, Houstonians will reserve a taxi ride before they need it and call before they need to be picked up.

Taxis charge either metered rates within the city or fixed or zone rates such as airport or sport event trips. Be sure to review the surcharges when booking the taxi or when you are in the taxi to ensure that you are prepared for the final bill. The most common surcharges are time waiting in traffic, night time and airport surcharges. Night time can add $1 to a trip and airport trips can add $2-3 per passenger. General prices range around $4 for the first mile and around $1.87 for each mile after.

There is a new Houston Downtown circular program by the City of Houston which offers a $6 fare for any trip inside the city called ‘Six in the City’. The $6 fare applies no matter what the meter reads at the end of the trip.

Tipping is not mandatory, but recommended and the driver should be tipped between 10 – 20 % depending on friendliness, driving habits and overall service.

You can schedule taxi service by calling or booking online.

Here are some taxi service companies to consider in Houston: