Hong Kong doesn’t impose import duties on electronic appliances, as a result, appliances and electronic gadgets in Hong Kong are very competitively priced. You can find almost anything in Hong Kong from high-end stereo equipment which costs thousands of dollars to low end, Chinese produced electronic goods which usually have a built-in obsolesce. Hong Kong people are obsessed with electrical appliances and gadgets and this is represented in the wide choice of goods available in their stores.

The main electronic stores offer a very similar catalogue of products at the same prices. It is always worthwhile researching the prices on offer at some of the small, local electronic shops as well so that you have a good idea of the value of the item you wish to buy. Most staff at these stores do not speak much English, although the larger outlets, especially those located in neighborhoods popular with expats, will have at least a few employees who can converse adequately in English.

Appliance, Electrical & Hardware Stores

The largest electronics retailer in Hong Kong,with about 50 outlets across the city. Fortress stocks nearly every electronic appliance you can imagine from home and kitchen appliances to televisions, stereos, computers and mobile phones.


The second most popular electronics chain after Fortress, Broadway stocks a similar range of products at nearly identical prices. There are currently 23 Broadway outlets in Hong Kong.

Chung Yuen

A local electronics chain, Chung Yuen offers a range of electronics products including mobile phones, cameras, televisions and computers and computer accessories.Much smaller than Fortress or Broadway, although you may find some products at slightly cheaper prices here.

Japan Home Centre

Japan Home Centre has more than 180 stores throughout Hong Kong and they stock a large range of home appliances and hardware as well as some garden accessories and plants.

Local Stores

Local hardware and appliance stores are located in streets throughout Central and the Mid-Levels. Stanley Street in Central is particularly well known for its camera shops, all of which offer very reasonable prices on the latest models. Most of the shops along this street are open from 11pm-6pm but are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Despite what many popular guidebooks say, the majority of sellers in these stores will not negotiate on price.

Lockhart Road in Wan Chai also contains a number of local stores selling computer related products. 298 Computer Zone, offers 5 floors of small stores that sell mobile phones, computers and computer accessories and nearby Oriental 188 is a great place to pick up the latest computer games. Aside from the Wan Chai computer center, there are a few other computer centers which are popular with the locals.

These include Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po ( MTR exit D2), the Mong Kok computer center on Nelson Street (MTR exit E2) and Windsor House in Causeway Bay though the latter houses high end retailers in comparison to the computer centers. Yet another destination for cheap and second hand electronics in Hong Kong is Ap Liu street in Sham Shui Po