Hong Kong preview


The most prominent sport in Hong Kong is football or soccer. This sport enjoys a preeminent position on Hong Kong’s sporting scene as it is a legacy of the British. The English Premier League and other soccer matches are telecast live at clubs, bars and restaurants in Hong Kong. Moreover the territory also has its own football governing body, namely the Hong Kong Football Association that governs all levels of the game in Hong Kong.

Aside from football several other sports are played in Hong Kong like dragon boat racing, yachting, cycling, table tennis, swimming, cricket, tennis, badminton, handball, rugby, squash, tennis, volleyball and others. These sports are played in the various playgrounds and clubs that are located all over Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also regularly participates in the Summer and Winter Olympics and it participated in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 under its own flag. Additionally the equestrian events of the 2008 Beijing Games were held in Hong Kong.

Spectator sports like horse racing are also hugely popular in Hong Kong as the local population is extremely fond of gambling and betting. The city is equipped with two race courses at Happy Valley and Shatin…

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