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With more than 10,000 restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to dining out in Hong Kong. Whether it is Italian, Japanese, Thai or French food you crave, there is a restaurant to suit every taste and budget.

Virtually every major cuisine of China is represented - from Cantonese to Shanghainese, Sichuan, and Chiu Chow. Especially popular among the locals are Hong Kong's famous dim sum restaurants, which serve snacks such as buns, pastries, congee and steamed dumplings made of minced meat and vegetables during breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The locals traditionally refer to this dining experience as Yumcha which translates as drinking tea in Cantonese, as dim sum is always accompanied by copious amounts of Chinese Tea. Dim sum is usually served in small portions, between two and four pieces in a bamboo basket or on a plate, at about HK$20 to HK$40 each serving. Mealtimes at these restaurants are noisy, bustling affairs, packed with office workers on weekdays and families on weekends.

If you are not a fan of Chinese dining, do not worry - top international restaurants can be found everywhere, particularly in five-star hotels in the business district and dining hot spots like Lan Kwai Fong and the Mid-Levels. Some of the top luxury hotels also regularly feature visiting celebrity and Michelin-star chefs throughout the year.

French, Italian, Japanese, Thai and Indian are some of the more popular foreign cuisines, though there is an increasing number of restaurants offering greater diversity, ranging from Middle-Eastern to Vietnamese, Mexican and East-meets-West fusion dishes.

A meal at the less expensive restaurants generally costs around HK$200 per person, excluding drinks and tips. Expect to pay more than HK$700 for fine dining, and the most expensive restaurants will easily set you back HK$1,000 per person. Most restaurants automatically tag on a 10% service charge to the bill. Additional tipping is not expected, although locals usually leave the small change.

Restaurants in Hong Kong typically open for breakfast around 8am, serve lunch from 11.30am-3pm and dinner from 6pm-11pm. Many restaurants shut shop between the lunch and dinner seatings and reservations are usually requi…

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