Internet Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the highest penetrations of Internet services in the world, and virtually all homes and businesses in the city are connected to the Internet through high-bandwidth, broadband connections. While dedicated Internet cafes are quite rare, wireless networks are available within most of the coffee shops throughout the territory and users can access the Internet via their home service plan or through the payment of a small hourly fee.

Pacific Coffee, a local coffee chain, usually have at least one computer in each of their stores that customers can use free of charge. Such is the depth of connectivity in Hong Kong that free Wi-Fi is available at the airport, on the airport express train, MTR stations, commuter ferries, certain public buses, shopping malls and numerous Wi-Fi hotspots including PCCW telephone booths and at branches of banks.

Internet Plans

In general, there are two types of tariff plans: unlimited access and fixed usage. The majority of plans are geared towards unlimited access, where customers pay a monthly flat fee according to the bandwidth speed they choose. Netvigator, owned by PCCW, is the largest Internet service provider. Their broadband service list prices of FTTH 1000M, 500M, 300M–100M & basic plans 100M /below are HK$698, HK$598, HK$498 & HK$598 respectively.

The plans are usually tied to contracts of between 1.5 years and 2 years and a fee will be charged for breaking the contract.More often than not, modem rental charges and installation fees are waived with the signing of a contract. A Hong Kong ID card or passport and proof of residence (a utility bill) are required to sign up for an access plan.

All the major service providers have outlets throughout the city where you can sign up for an Internet access plan. You can also call their hotlines to sign up, and a technician will be dispatched to your home within two to three working days to set up your Internet connection.

Service Providers:

Hotline: 1833 833

Hotline: 2112 1133

Hong Kong Broadband
Hotline: 128 100

New World Telecom
Hotline: 1239

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband plans are also very popular in Hong Kong and with the advent of tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab they have assumed even greater importance. If you rather have your own broadband network with you at all times, then providers like PCCW offer devices like a USB dongle or a Netvigator mobile Wi-Fi modem that can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices which keep you connected at all times even when you are away from home.

The Netvigator Everywhere scheme is available in both pre-paid and post-paid options and if you choose to sign up for a post-paid account you will be expected to sign a contract for twenty-four months. If you are a PCCW home broadband subscriber you are given the USB dongle free with the activation of your home broadband connection and are allowed to use the company’s Netvigator Everywhere service free for five days every month. Aside from PCCW, all other mobile providers in Hong Kong also offer their own mobile broadband plans.


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