Buenos Aires preview


Every few blocks in any neighborhood you 'll find bakeries selling pastries and bread. The most popular bread in Buenos Aires is the baguette, and it can be found in any store, bakery or restaurant. Typically, a full baguette will cost around AR$5 and has been made fresh that day. It's difficult to find a wide variety of breads in most bakeries, and they'll typically stick to the white baguette bread.

Chain Bakery

Hausbrot is a chain of bakeries that specializes in artisanal breads, as well as cereals and grains, pizzas, empanadas, and tarts, seeds, cookies and pastries. They have many locations throughout the city and the surrounding province. They use organic ingredients and whole grains to make their assortment of breads, and you can also buy the grains themselves for your own home-baking adventures. All of their products are made without trans fats. Hausbrot has locations in Recoleta (Rodriguez Peña 1591, 4816-8003), Palermo (Bullrich 345, 4…