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Argentina has a very developed education system compared to other Latin American countries. The public school system, however, offers learning facilities and a level of instruction that many expats will find lacking. The structure of the public school day is divided into two parts, morning and afternoon, and many students attend only one section. Because of this, public school parents will need to supplement their child's education with home schooling or a private tutor.

English was made the official foreign language of Argentina's education system in 1996, and schools are required to teach 2 hours a week, whether a private or public school. However, a good number of private schools have bilingual programs, which adds to the length of the school day, as students will have Spanish classes in the morning and then English classes in the afternoon. These schools go a long way to facilitate the process of adjusting to a different culture that speaks a different language, and are the preferred choice of international families as well as locals who can afford them.