How well do you know Berlin? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Which of these rivers flows through Berlin?

2. What Berlin building was covered in silver by artist Christo in 1995?

3. What is the official mascot of Berlin?

4. What are Ampelmännchen on some Berlin roads?

5. Which president claimed he was a citizen of Berlin?

6. Berlin first became capital of Germany in?

7. The Olympic games were held in Berlin in?

8. The Berlin Wall was built in?

9. The Berlin Wall fell in?

10. The Reichstag was officially opened as the new seat of the German Parliament in?

11. If you are invited to a German person’s house for dinner you should not give them red roses?

12. German people use a different toast when they are drinking wine than that they use when drinking beer?

13. When doing business in Germany personal relationships are highly valued?

14. If a German raps their knuckles on the table doing a meeting it is a signal that you have offended them or they disagree with someone you have said?

15. If you have an apartment or property in Germany you will be expected to maintain common areas?

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Interesting fact

Since the demolition of the Berlin wall, more than 2.4 million people have migrated from the Eastern Part of Germany to the Western part.