Berlin, Europe’s Fastest Developing City

Situated in the northeastern part of Germany, Berlin is a city that has undergone tremendous development and rejuvenation in the post-war years. It has been destroyed, divided, united and now is in an adolescent growth spurt of exploration and soul-searching. Berlin has quickly become a city to watch.

Creative individuals from around the globe have flocked to Berlin and it has transformed into a dynamic, sophisticated melting pot that has developed a reputation as a creative hub for avant-garde fashion, culture, art, and media.

Unlike many other cities in Germany, Berlin presents an eclectic mix of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds and this has created a rich tapestry of multiculturalism in which you are just as likely to enjoy Lebanese or Russian food as German, will hear diverse languages being spoken on every street corner and can enjoy the experience of living amongst a whole host of different cultures, traditions and personalities.

Despite its often-hectic pace, Berlin functions to German precision – impeccably. Service is attentive, public transport is reliable, the streets are safe and the health care system is world-class and accessible to all. For ex-pats, this area of the world provides endless opportunities and, on the whole, settling into life in the city is relatively pain-free.

There is a very large expatriate community, top schooling, and educational institutions, plentiful shopping and leisure amenities, and cutting-edge cultural experiences but, perhaps best of all, many expatriates find that they can enjoy a high standard of living without having to compromise lifestyle.

Life in Berlin is not all late-night parties and gallery surfing. Right on the doorstep expatriates will find Potsdam, a beautifully harmonious landscape of palaces, parks, hills, and lakes that was home to the German emperors and Prussian kings of days gone by.

Other options for an escape to tranquility are available in the form of the stunning forest landscape in Spreewald, which is about 60 miles south of Berlin, or the breathtaking natural lakes of Uckermark.

Other popular getaway for expatriates include the Baltic coast and the popular seaside resort of Rügen, which offers stunning coastlines and long fine sand beaches.

What’s the draw?

  • An accessible destination in which English is widely spoken.
  • An enviable living position in the center of Europe.
  • A modern, exciting city that is continually changing and developing.

Live there:

Undertaking a massive task such as an overseas relocation can be daunting, particularly if you are moving to a foreign country and don’t speak the language.

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