Visa type required to retire in bangalore

Though many foreign nationals are attracted to the low cost of living and inexpensive, but advanced, health care facilities in Bangalore, retirement in India is not so favoured by immigration authorities. In fact, using “retirement” as a reason for a visa extension is a sure way to get rejected since the Ministry of External Affairs’ rulebook does not consider retirement a valid reason for stay in India.

Therefore, foreign nationals wanting to spend their retirement in India will have to opt for a different route.

Applying for a tourist visa is the easiest way into India, however, these are typically only granted for six-month periods, with a two-month wait between exit and re-entry required. Longer-term tourist visas are also sometimes granted (one- and five-year), however the same two-month waiting period between visits exists, which can be problematic if you would like to leave the country for just a short period.

You may also want to consider studying or conducting business in India, which would allow you to apply for a longer-term visa, such as a student or business visa. (See the appropriate section for more information on each visa type).