Opening a bank account in Bangalore is straightforward. You can begin the account opening process online at the bank’s website (for which they will send someone to your home to collect the required documents) or you can visit any branch in person without an appointment required.

Depending on the currency and your country of citizenship, there are various types of bank account options available for you. Each bank will have varying options and rates; consult the websites or go in person to find an account plan that suits your needs.

One account of particular interest for expats is a QA22 Account. This account allows temporary residents (longer than six months but not citizens) to open an account in local currency (INR) as well as foreign currency. Though withdrawals within India are possible only in local currency, you can withdraw foreign currency when abroad using an ATM and international transfers are easier. To get this facility, remember to ask about the international savings account option. Before you open an account with any bank, be sure to check their fees and charges for out of country withdrawals and foreign transfers, as well as where you can access your account outside of Bangalore.

Documents required for a QA22 account:

  • a completed copy of the bank’s ‘QA22 Account’ application form
  • a declaration of overseas sources of credit into account
  • two recent passport-sized photos
  • letter of appointment from your employer
  • copy of valid passport and employment visa (E-type)

To open a regular account, you will require:

  • a completed application form
  • two passport-sized photos
  • proof of identity
  • proof of residence
  • proof of long-term stay in India (generally, a 1-year visa will do)