Expat news: Roundup of expat news stories from around the world- 24/07

Here’s our weekly roundup of expatriate news reports issued in countries throughout the world this week. What’s been happening near you?

Expat news China

Expats in China benefit from better healthcare provisions and expat medical services in China are improving dramatically as a result of special expatriate wards and divisions that are aimed at international according to reports in UK newspaper, The Telegraph.

New hybrid hospitals are emerging that offer medical care and attention to international patients through the provision of English-speaking staff and western-style service levels.

The latest expat hospital wing was opened in Shanghai in March at the Huashan Hospital Pudong. It was constructed in a joint operation between the Chinese government and the United Family Healthcare, a private company that specializes in providing medical care to the expatriate market.

Commenting on the levels of care available, Dr. Sneh Khemka, medical director of Bupa commented:

“In China, the quality of services is often misinterpreted in terms of how the building looks. There is very good clinical work but it may be difficult for westerners to overlook the paintwork or the lack of English spoken. A lot of the local Chinese hospitals have excellent clinical care provision. And they are really keen to improve local services.”

Source: The Telegraph

Expat news Maldives

Expats in the Maldives have been warned of the threat of potential violence and terrorist attacks as the country continues to struggle with political instability. Expatriates living in the Maldives have been told to contact their nearest embassy and register their prescence in the area. Speaking to UK newspaper The Telegraph, one American expatriate explained the current situation:

“I received a warning from the USA embassy a couple days ago indicating that we should be careful and to avoid government buildings and homes of famous politicians. The police often block off streets when they anticipate a protest, and we heed the warnings and refrain from taking a side in the political battle.

“I have great hope for the Maldives. The quest to rid the country of corruption will only make the Maldives stronger and the people more unified. It’s easy to avoid the masses, unless curiosity gets the better of you. My advice to our foreign employees is to stay away, as it’s not our issue. We will only get in the way.”

Source: The Telegraph

Expat news Philippines

Expatriates in the Philippines are on the guard as a serial killer continues to target foreigners and their electronic gadgets. The man, who is believed to have killed three foreigners in separate attacks, has been described as “gadget obsessed” as a result of the fact that he has stolen electronic goods from his vicims, leaving behind jewelry and other personal valuables.

“It is possible that the suspect wanted some information on the computers that could enable him to transfer bank accounts or get access to the pensions of the foreigners,” city police chief Senior Superintendent Danny Bautista told the ABS-CBN news station.

Expat news Spain

A British expatriate has been accussed of murdering her husband in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. 48 year old , Michelle Cornell, was arrested on Monday morning after police were informed of a fatal stabbing.

Upon arriving on the scene Micehelle reportedly told authorties that her husband had been confronted by three armed robbers but, on further inspection of the scene, police located a knife and she was arrested. She later claimed that she has been victim of domestic abused but police have issued a statement saying that have not previously been made aware of any complaints that suggest the marriage had a history of domestic violence.

Source: Sunderland Echo

Expat news United States

A further suspected Russian spy was arrested in the United States as she attempted to board a flight from Dallas to Russia. The 24 year old Russian expat, Anna Fermanova, was alerted to the authorities when customs officials discovered restricted surveillance equipment in her luggage, including “generation 3 night vision” items that she later claimed she had purchased online.

Fermanova’s lawyer, Scott Palmer, told newspaper reporters that Fermanova’s husband simply intended to resell the night vision scopes to hunters. “Hunting is apparently big and very expensive in Russia, and I think they hunt bears at night and they wanted night vision, that’s it.”

Fermanova has had her passport confiscated and is currently under house arrest. She is expected to attend court in New York later this month where she faces up to 10 years in prison.

The arrest follows the much-publicized arrest of several Russian spies last month.

Source: CBS5