Shanghai police deny expat curfew plans

Shanghai police have denied rumors that they intend to impose a curfew on all expatriates during the forthcoming world expo.

Online rumors circulating through expatriate circles throughout Shanghai have been denied by the Shanghai police. Legal authorities denied the rumors, which claimed Shanghai police intended to impose a requirement for all foreigners living in the city to return to their place of residence by 11pm.

Commenting on the posts that had had originally appeared on expatriate website Shanghaiist, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security said that no administrative measures relating to curfews were planned and to impose such restrictions against one particular group of people would be contrary to the essence of the expo.

“Foreigners are only required to carry their passport with them at all times and to register their place of residence at their local police station, as stated in the rules for the implementation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on the control of the entry and exit of aliens. The police have put no other additional requirements in place.

“The two requirements have been in operation for years – not only in Shanghai, but across the country and they have not been specifically drawn up for the Expo.

“The online rumors are false and groundless. Except for the requirements of residence registration and the passport, no other rules have been issued by the police.”