Wednesday 13th February 2013

Living in Shanghai

The number of expatriates living in Shanghai increased by 6.7 percent last year according to city officials.

Over 173,000 expats now call Shanghai home, giving the Chinese metropolis the largest expat population on the Chinese mainland. This represents a share of 25% of the expats across the whole of China. Human resource companies and relocation experts predict that the figure will continue to grow, despite the fact that such expats raise concerns about pollution. In fact, many of the expats relocating to Shanghai may be doing so with the hope of gaining permanent residency Shanghai, with news that the authorities will issue more green cards from July.

In a bid to meet the needs of the expatriate population in Shanghai, the Shanghai Exit & Entry Administration Bureau, together with a number of neighborhood committees, has launched five Foreign Service Centers: Hongqiao area and Zizhu industrial zone of Minhang District, Lianyang community in the Pudong New Area, Xintiandi in Huangpu District and the Gaojing area of Qingpu District to provide exit and entry services.

As the first Foreign Service Center to be launched, the Hongqiao center serves expats from a number of different countries, including Australia, Canada, North Korea, Germany, the Philippines and the United States. Teams of people who speak several languages staff the centers and the aim of the group is to assist expats with any issues they may encounter while living in Shanghai.

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