Expats struggle to cope in China

A report issued by a Beijing-based training firm last week confirmed that up to 50% of the people who move to China as expatriates leave before planned due to problems fitting it.

The report, issued by the China Transition Institute (CTI), found that statistically anywhere between 30 and 50% of the people who arrive in China seeking a new life ultimately return home. David Israel-Rosen, President of the Institute cited cultural differences as being one of the most common reasons for this and, describing the figures as “astonishing” he commented, “It is moving from the west to the east. It is not like moving from Chicago to Denver”.

Addressing the results, Cheryl Smith, a psychologist with International SOS China, revealed that the spouses of migrant workers are those that are most impacted by a move to China. Speaking in The China Daily, she revealed the extent to which many trailing spouses are impacted: “I see a lot of alcoholism with expat women. I see a lot of depression. I see anxiety disorders and lots of marital issues.”

The China Training Institute offers training boot camps that offer expats an opportunity to learn about and understand the Chinese culture. Further details can be found on their website.

Read the full article: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/metro/2009-10/30/content_8873247.htm