China Proposes New Work Visa to Attract International Talent

In the ongoing bid to attract overseas talent continued this week as Chinese officials announced that they are considering implementing a new work visa to attract new talent to the region.

The new visa category, which was proposed to lawmakers yesterday as part of a programme entitled “talent introduction”, is intended to create a new work permit that specifically intended for people with international expertise who wish to live and work in China. The visa will allow the process for hiring foreign talent to become more streamlined and is aimed at attracting foreigners to the China region.

While many people in China believe that the new visa category would attract more expatriate workers, it has already been met with resistance from some factions, who argue that the new category of work pass will not actually deal with the real issues that are preventing the recruitment of foreign talent. Cui Aimin, a senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, questioned the need for the visa, arguing that it was not visas that were creating obstacles to hiring people from abroad.

Indeed, according to Asia One, a survey that was released early this year revealed that many of the 180,000 expatriates living in China, disclosed that factors such as environment, education, air pollution and traffic congestion could affect China’s attractiveness as an expat location.