Expats in China to benefit from relaxed visa rules and regulations

Expats in China to benefit from relaxed visa rules and regulations

It is anticipated that 2010 will see a marked increase in the amount of work visas issued to expatriates in China.

It appears that the two previous years of restricted visas is about to come to an end amid rumors that China’s improving economy will necessitate the need for more foreigners in the country. Jia Keming, Director of Exit and Entry Administration have revealed that the amount of visas issued to expatriates may rise by as much as 10%, exceed the previous record of 210,000 visas that was set in 2007. Speaking in the METRO newspaper, he disclosed that the new regulations will lead to an increase in the amount of expatriates living in China:

“The reviving economy this year is expected to bring a consistent number of foreign students as before and attract a greater number of foreign employees. We also have similar predictions for travel and business visa holders. Visas issued this year will very likely surpass the previous records. Our prediction is well above 200,000,”

Ahead of the regulation changes two additional visa branches have been opened in Beijing in order to deal with the additional demand in this city and it is anticipated that further branches will be opened throughout the city in the coming months.

The new rules and regulations will be welcomed by many expatriates who have experienced difficulties in securing visas for working in China over the past couple of years. Ahead of the Olympic games in Beijing and the celebrations for New China’s 60th anniversary many expatriates and visitors to China were refused entry due to political concerns. Jia said that such measures had been critical in assuring safety at both events but he went on to disclose that those seeking visas should now find that their applications have a higher chance of success. However, he did disclose that a stringent vetting program will remain in place and that not all applications will be successful: “Visitors who find their visas denied include those who provide false identification or who violate specific regulations from the central government,” he said.