2011 Expat Show to be Held in Beijing

The 2011 Expat Show Beijing has been announced and it will take place between March the 25th and 27th this year at the China World Trade Centre, Beijing.

The event, which is now in its forth year, will feature an array of displays and exhibitions from specialist service providers and manufacturers that are aimed at the expat market.

The 2011 event promises to be one of the biggest expat exhibitions in the world and will provide expatriates living in China and beyond with an opportunity to network, learn more about life as an expat and enjoy a family day out.

This year there will be a large number of live performances from International schools throughout the Beijing area. There will also be a “Chinese Festival” that offers expatriates an opportunity to taste, and learn about Chinese cuisine.

For more information see: http://www.weacn.com/expatshowbeijing/, or contact adrien@weacn.com.

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Read the full article: http://www.weacn.com/expatshowbeijing/