List of International Schools:

Name Website / Location Curriculum Number of students Annual Cost
Anglo American School

Closest metro: Sokol

Pre-school through 12th grade; custom curriculum based on American, Canadian, and British standards. International Baccalaureate available. 1255 €14,250 – €22,100

plus $500 application fee

British International School

Rosinka (no metro)
North – Closest metro: Voykovskaya
South – Closest metro: Yasenevskaya

Pre-school through 12th grade; custom curriculum based on British standards. International Baccalaureate available varies (2 in-town campuses with 3 schools each; and campus at Rosinka) €18,630 – €26,500 (€5,990 – €8,200 per trimester)

plus one-time €3000 assessment fee

Deutsche Schule

Closest metro: Yugo-Zapadnaya

Kindergarten – Sekundarstufe II; German national standard education in German 450 €5,700 – €6,400 plus €3,850 for meals; plus €1,000 application and registration fees
English International School

Closest metro: Novogireevo

Pre-school through age 18; education in English based on the British curriculum 150 €13,950 – €21,900 (€4,650 – €7,300 per trimester)

plus one-time €1,500 assessment fee

Finnish School

Closest metro: Universitet

Pre-school through 9th grade; curriculum accepted by the Finnish School Association; partly bi-lingual (Russian and Finnish) 36 €5,000
French School/ Lycee Français

Closest metro: Kuznetsky Most or Sretenskiy Bulvar

Pre-school through age 19; French national curriculum 1020 €3,045 – €6,950
Hinkson Christian Academy

Closest metro: Nagatinskaya

College preparatory curriculum accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, taught in English 197 Rates vary by student status (missionary/ business/ diplomatic community); interested parents should call +7 (495) 9740
International School of Moscow

Closest metro: Krylatskoe

Pre-nursery through middle school; British national curriculum; uniforms worn 500 €15,900 – €21,100(€5,100 – €6,800 per trimester)

plus mandatory lunch fees; plus one-time €6,000 Development Contribution

Swedish School

Closest metro: Universitet

Pre-school through age 18; Swedish curriculum taught in Swedish 100 €5,650 – €7,540(SEK 60,000 – SEK 90,000)

The Bulgarian, Indian, Indonesian are among the many Embassies in Moscow which also operate small schools that teach in their native language and follow their national curriculum. Preference is given to children of diplomats, but, if places are available, many will accept children with at least one parent from their home country. Their fees are generally considerably less than the commercial international schools in Moscow. It is a good idea to contact your own embassy and see if they operate a school, and if a place is available for your child.