Daycare and Nannies

Daycare and nannies are not part of Russian tradition, in which government-supported maternity leaves are long; and in which several generations live together, so that the grandparents watch the child while the parents work.

However, both daycare and nannies as a way of freeing up a mother’s time have gained immense ground in the capital of Moscow. Young people often move away from their families’ hometowns to come there; working hours and commutes are long; it is possible to earn salaries to be able to justify using these services; and the overall international aura of the city makes it far more acceptable to leave your child with non-family members. Of course, there are also hundreds of expatriates in the city – therefore, it is now equally easy to find an English-speaking private daycare facility as a Russian-language one.


There are no true, simple, daycares in Moscow – they all offer pre-school lessons and services, and most advertise themselves as pre-schools. Pre-schools and daycares typically accept children age 2 and older; some accept 18-month-olds. For younger children, you will likely need a nanny (see Nannies below).

Typical daycare/pre-school fees are from 4,000-6,000 Euros per term (most facilities state prices in Euros).

The following facilities use English or other foreign languages:

  • Little Angels
    All teachers are native speakers of English; children are accepted as of 18 months. A full schedule of activities is planned for all children.
    Novocheremushkinskaya Ul. 49/12
    Closest metro: Profsoyuznaya
  • Le Petit Cref
    Tri-lingual (French, Russian and English) nursery school for children age 2 and up.
    Bolshoi Afanasievsky Pereulok 41,
    Closest metro: Arbatskaya
    Tel: (495) 203-2006, 621-9486
  • English Nursery School
    Pre-school for children age 3 and older; and a parent-baby group that meets two evenings a week. Completely in English.
    Two locations in Moscow:4th Dobrininsky Per 8/19
    Closest metro: Oktyabrskaya or Dobrinskaya
    +7 (495) 987 15 52Obrucheva Ul. 4/1
    Closest metro: Kaluzhskaya
    +7 (495) 933 28 93
  • Magic World
    A private kindergarten for children age 2 and up. Predominantly in Russian, with English and French lessons. Has a very international mix of students.
    Michursinsky Per. 6/3
    Closest metro: Yugo-Zapadnaya
    +7 (495) 729 53 19
  • Pokrovsky Hills Kids Activity Center
    Open to residents of Pokrovskiy Hills, for children age 18 months to 5 years.
    Beregovaya Ulitsa 3
    Closest metro: Sokol
    Tel (495) 230-6600 and ask for the kindergarten

Also check for pre-school and primary schools offered at the main K-12 international schools (see International Schools), and contact your countries’ embassy to learn if playgroups or daycare are offered.


Nannies can be a good alternative to daycare, especially if you have the space for a live-in nanny. They are fairly affordable in Moscow, and it is common among expatriates to hire one person to help with the household (anything from cleaning to cooking) and watch your child during the daytime as well. A salary of around 23,000 RUR/month is typical for a live-in nanny and housekeeper, while the salary for a live-in nanny only (without housekeeping duties) starts around 18,000 RUR/month. It is also possible to hire live-out nannies on both a full-time or a part-time basis, down to as little as a few hours per week – similar to a babysitter. Rates in this case start at 100 RUR per hour.

Most nannies expect payment in cash, regardless of part-time or live-in status.

Nannies are best hired through agencies, which recruit nannies with appropriate educational backgrounds, experience, and good references. Agencies usually require a deposit against services in advance and will take a commission on the salary you pay your nanny.

The following Moscow agencies can help you find a nanny:

  • Family Care
    Provides help finding live-in and live-out nannies, housekeepers, drivers, private tutors, and cooks.
    +7 (495) 998-34-75
  • Dobrij Angel
    Provides nannies, housekeepers, private tutors, nurses and hospice care, and other home assistance. Starting rates range from 100 RUR per hour for a professionally nanny to 18,000 RUR for a live-in nanny.
    +7 (495) 504 74 17; 628 53 67
  • Bonne International
    Recruits British live-in nannies and governesses. Rates start at 4500 USD. (nanny search site, in Russian) (nanny recruitment site, in English)
  • Bianco
    Provides assistance finding babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, and drivers. Starting rates range from 160 per hour for a visiting nanny or babysitter to 2000 RUR per day for live-in nannies.
    +7 (495) 959 10 43 (Russian only)
  • Status Agency
    Helps you find babysitters, live-in nannies, cleaning personnel, and drivers. Rates for nannies and babysitters start at 150 RUR per hour or 2000 RUR per day.
    +7 (495) 542 3419 +7 (495) 542 3419 (Russian only)

Alternately, you can save a hefty commission by hiring a nanny through a personal referral, for example by departing expatriates. The expat resume forum is a good place to start:

Mother & Toddler Groups

  • The British Women’s Club (see Networking) organizes regular Mother & Toddler meetings throughout the year, a weekly Toddler Swimming group from September to June, and other events and activities for the older age groups.
  • The English Nursery School (see Daycare) offers a parent-baby/toddler group that meets two evenings a week.

Infant Supplies

Baby food and basic supplies such as diapers can easily be found in regular supermarkets, but you may also want to check out the baby market. Open on the weekends, this market offers everything you could possibly want for babies and small children at good prices. You will find Huggies diapers, strollers, cradles, pushchairs, toys, tricycles and clothes. It is situated at Kolomenskaya, just off Proletarsky Prospekt, along the north river bank. The nearest metro is Kolomenskaya.