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Edward Snowden Becomes a Russian Expat

Edward Snowden, the US intelligence leaker who is currently on the run from American authorities, was granted one year’s asylum in Russia last week and will now…. Read More

New Immigration Laws in Russia Make Expatriation Easier

A number of new immigration laws have now been introduced in Russia that mean that relocating to the country is much easier than it previously was. Investors who…. Read More

More Expats Needed in Russia

The demand for expats in Russia continues to increase, with the number of visas issues to foreign professionals rising by 40% in 2011 alone. Newspapers in Russia…. Read More

Hong Kong expats pay the highest residential costs in the world

Recent research has revealed that Hong Kong continues to be one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, with residential property prices in the SAR…. Read More

Expats Target Russia in a bid to Avoid Eurozone Crisis

Expats are ditching the Eurozone in favor of job opportunities in Russia in order to avoid the Euro-crisis according to recruiting experts. Talking to Russian newspaper…. Read More

Employers Lack a Duty of Care for Overseas Assignees

A new survey has revealed that employers display a lack of awareness and duty of care relating to their responsibilities for staff that are placed on foreign assignment…. Read More

Mercer Names the Safest Places in the World in Which to Live

Yesterday we reported that an international survey conducted by human resource consulting firm Mercer, had revealed that Vienna in Austria offered the highest…. Read More

Russian Customs Duties Continue to Create Anguish for Expats

Almost four months after expatriates and importation companies were promised that the strict and expensive customs duties governing the importation…. Read More

Thailand Tops Quality of Life Poll in HSBC’s Expat Experience Survey

It appears that the events of the recent civil war in Thailand have done nothing to negatively impact the quality of life expatriates experience in this Asian…. Read More

Expats in Russia Continue to Face High Living Costs

Expats in Russia face increased difficulties as career opportunities diminish while living costs increase. According to online Russian newspaper, The Moscow News…. Read More

HSBC Expat Explorer: Russian Expats are the Wealthiest in the World

HSBC Expat Explorer results have been released and if you’re considering moving overseas with the objective of accumulating wealth then Russia may just…. Read More

Russian expats relieved to hear that customs laws will be eased

Following our report on the new Russian customs codes that were negatively impacting expats moving to Russia, we can now reveal that the Russian government…. Read More

New Russian customs codes mean hefty customs charges for expatriates

A new customs code came into effect on Monday 12th July and already expatriates in the region are facing major difficulties as a result of the new fee structure…. Read More

New visa laws in Russia offer real benefits for highly qualified expats

New Federal Law in Russia means that the foreign business community may now benefit from relaxed migration rules according to reports from The Moscow Times…. Read More