Expat Employment Contract Checklist

When you negotiate you expatriate contract there are a number of things you should include. Use our expat employment contract checklist to help you to make sure your contract is water tight.

Employment Contract Checklist
Application of employer’s policies or host country policies and work agreements.
Benefits, relocation expenses, repatriation expenses, vacation, pension and holiday entitlement.
Contract translated into relevant law (where applicable).
Currency and frequency of payment.
Detail of any social security and income tax provisions or agreements between host country and home country (where applicable).
Detailed information about employee roles and responsibilities, personal development management and performance appraisal methods.
Dispute resolution procedure.
Qualification of the length of the assignment.
Qualification that the assignment is conditional upon the employee obtaining the appropriate visa.
Tax equalization.
Termination of employment, including notice period, severance, repatriation and grounds for cessation.
Work hours and overtime pay entitlement.