International Animal Transport

There are many different forms of international animal transport and the one that suits your needs will vary according to your pet, where you are traveling from and where you are traveling to.

International Animal Transport: Methods of Transportation

Many airlines currently offer different methods of transporting your animals by air and the options available to you will vary according to the airline policy and that of the country within which you currently reside.


A small number of airlines do allow you to take your pet onboard the place with you via a carry-on kennel. The pet must remain in the carry on case throughout the flight and there are very specific rules in place pertaining to how the pet is to be transported, full details of which are available here (FAA rules).

Accompanied Baggage

It is possible to take pets on a flight as “accompanied baggage” and this means that they will fly in the cargo hold of the plane alongside your other baggage. The cost of the transportation will be treated as excess baggage. This option is only permitted if you will be traveling on the same flight as your pet.

Live Animal Shipment

Many people choose to ship their pets as “live animal” cargo. If you opt for this method your pets will travel within pressurized cargo compartments or via an expedited delivery service. Many airline providers have a specific department that can help you to arrange such transportation services for your pet.

Transportation should always be arranged well in advance and all travel documentation, vaccination and permit requirements should be fully researched. Our international relocation guides contain everything you need to know about visa requirements within popular expat cities throughout the world.

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