Teaching Abroad Resources

If you’re considering teaching abroad, make sure you fully research the job, location and school. Here’s a list of useful teaching abroad resources that may be of use to you when embarking on a teaching career overseas.


TeachAbroad.com Contains details of TEFL programs and teaching roles throughout the world together with useful teaching resources.

Dave’s ESL Cafe Internet meeting place for ESL and EFL teachers throughout the world. Advertises jobs and courses as well as offering teachers an opportunity to exchange ideas and resources.

Linguistic Funland: Job Opportunities and Information resources for language teaching and learning, linguistics study, and other miscellaneous resources.

US State Department Guide to Teaching Abroad The U.S. Department of State has put together a list of organizations that provide opportunities to teach overseas in elementary and secondary schools and which recruit or employ a rather large number of teachers.

EFL in Asia A guide to teaching English in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Mongolia. Contains a wide range of teaching abroad resources as well as practical advice and tips.

Tefl.net An independent resource site for teachers of English worldwide.

Eslbase.com Teaching abroad resources for English teachers.


Make a Mil-¥en: Teaching English in Japan by Don Best. Guide has information on everything related to teaching in Japan from the job search through to settling in.

Opportunities in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages by Blythe Camenson. Overview of the types of roles and lifestyle involved with the field of Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language.

Teaching Abroad Without Certificationby William Nolting. A list of US organizations that offer programs for TEFL teachers.

Teaching English Abroad: Teach Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith. Provides in-depth information on everything from preparation (including TEFL courses) to the job search. Country-by country coverage worldwide. Many firsthand reports from teachers.

Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans and Canadians by Jeff Mohamed. Written by an experienced TEFL teacher, this book covers teaching with and without training, TEFL courses, and contact information for 450 schools worldwide.

More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad by Donald B. Snow.

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