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South Korea

Tourist Visa

You can enter Korea on a tourist visa while looking for a job (please refer to the section "You want to go on reconnaissance", for more information about this). While in most countries you do need a work visa before entering the country for work, this is not always the case in Korea. If you chose to enter on a D10 or a tourist visa and then are able to secure a job you have two options for obtaining a work visa.

The first option will work only if you have already received a working visa at a Korean consulate within the last 5 years in your home country. For example, you have worked in Korea before and have obtained a work visa, but are now back in the country on a tourist visa to search for a new job. Once you secure this job you can then do a "visa run" at the closest consulate outside of the country. Usually, this is in Japan, but some expats have reported going to Guam, Thailand, and Taiwan. This process usually takes around 3-4 business days. It is quick and pain free b…

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