Seoul preview

South Korea

Perhaps one of the biggest perks about living in Seoul is the fact that Korea itself is such a small country and is, therefore, easily accessible. You can go almost anywhere and make a great weekend out of it. If you have your own vehicle, it's a mere four hour drive to the most Southerly part of the country and about an hour to the most Northerly (that area, however, is best avoided). With great airline services throughout the country you can cut travel time drastically and it won't break the bank, either, if you don't feel like driving.

In Korea, there are so many places to see and so many things to do. Within Seoul there is a wealth of museums, art galleries, concerts and shows - and enough shopping and eating facilities to make a busy weekend for anyone. Most expats agree, though, that there is nothing better than getting out of the city for a weekend and discovering the gorgeous countryside, the great beaches and hiking, and the wonderful people outside Seoul.

Our Favourite Places to go on the Weekend:

1. Muuido: This is a great place to take your kids for the weekend. Muuido is a tiny island just off the city of Incheon, and very close (but not too close) to the island where you can find Incheon International Airport. At the main beach, you can find affordable huts with bedding and electric heat (about 30,000 won for the night), beach side dining (fresh seafood and samgyupsal!), firecrackers and bonfires at night, and gorgeous countryside covered with pine trees and small farms. Perhaps the most fun aspect of the beach in Muuido is the tide. When the tide goes out, all you can see is mud. Mud flats! Every weekend, Korean parents pack up their kids and take them here to dig for clams and observe the sea life that remains when the tide is out. Kids (and grown ups) hav…