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South Korea

Seoul Expat Groups

Association Brazil Korea: For information on how to join this group, contact by telephone: 645-1409

Association des Francophones de Coree (AFC):

Australian and New Zealand Association of Korea:

Brasileiras Em Seoul: contact via email:

British Association of Seoul:

Canadian Women's Club: Contact via email:

Club de Damas Hispanas: Contact Tatiana Sugiaga via email:

Cercle Franco-Coreen:

Czech Club: For information on how to join, contact by email:

Club Iberoamericano: For Spanish speakers in Seoul. Contact by email:

Club Italia:

Dutch Club Hendrik Hamel:

German Club:

Indian Women's Club - Annapurna: contact via email:

Irish Association of Korea: Contact via email:

Mexican Community Group: For information, contact the Mexican Embassy by telephone: 798-1694/5

Nordic Women's Club:

Overseas Chinese Women's Club:

Russian Community In Korea:

The South African Friendship Group: Contact Anerie Huisamen via email:

Business and Professional Organizations

Entrepreneurs in Korea: Contact Ryan Burke at

Business and Professional Women's Network: Meeting schedule is posted on this website:

Working Women's Network:

KOTESOL (Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages):

Private Clubs

American Women's Club of Korea:

Friendly Ladies - Wives of Diplomats: Contact Mrs. Riham Ammar via email:

International Spouses of Koreans Association:

St. Andrew's Association of Seoul: Contact Gavin MacKay via email:

Swedish Women's Educational Association:

Royal Asiatic Society:

Community Service Organizations

H.O.P.E (Helping Others Prosper Through English):

United Services Organization:

Hello Friends (English outreach program to Korean children in rural areas): Contact via email:

Habitat for Humanity: Contact via email:

Medical Referral Service: Contact via telephone: 010-4769-8212

Seoul Volunteer Centre:

Animal Rescue Korea:

UNESCO Cross Cultural Awareness Program: http://ccap.…