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South Korea


Nothing to Envy: Even though this book is about North Korea it is still an important read for anyone moving to the peninsula. This is a look into the lives of four North Korean defectors as told by their interviewer.

How Koreans Talk: A Collection of Expressions: An excellent read if you're constantly trying to decipher the many Korean witticisms you hear every day. Each culture has their own set of expressions, and with this book you can at least begin to understand Korean slang.

Korea and Her Neighbors: This book was written over a hundred years ago but still gives a very interesting insight to Koreans today.

The Two Koreas: A Contemporary History: A thorough look at Korea (both North and South) through the ages, and where the great divide began.

Roadmap to Korean: Learning Korean using modern day phrases and a fresh approach to learning. It's philosophy is that you can better understand the language by better understanding the culture…