New York City has a number of public access TV channels which have recently all gone digital. These channels are mainly broadcast in English though some are Spanish language channels.

Cable TV in New York City is provided by four companies though very often basic cable is included in the utility package for your apartment. These are:

Time Warner Cable: (

Time Warner offers over 100 HDTV TV channels along with facilities like DVR (digital video recording), Movies on Demand, parental controls as well as premium channels. Time Warner also broadcast several International channels like RAI TV (Italian) and CCTV (Chinese) and many more. Some international channels are only exclusively available, however, when you pay for premium channel services. Time Warner offers even a bundle of Spanish and English TV channels through its El Paquetazo bilingual package. You can order your cable package online or call Time Warner at 212 358 0900 to find out about the location of a store.

Verizon (

Verizon offers cable services over its FIOS fiber optic network as well as through direct to home services (satellite TV) though the latter is largely offered in the outer boroughs. The company offers three plans under its FIOS cable services, these plans range from $39.99 to $57.99 and offer various different digital channels and over 100 HDTV channels. These plans can be ordered online or by visiting a Verizon store.

Cable Vision (

Cable Vision’s cable TV channel is called iO TV. Cable Vision also offers over 100 HDTV channels and services like On Demand Movies, DVR services, Pay Per View, international channels and much more. Cable Vision offers various different pricing plans which can be customized to meet your needs ( These plans can be ordered online or at a Cable Vision store.


RCN offers Cable TV services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Like the other companies it offers HDTV, International channels, sports packages, pay per view, on demand movies and much more. RCN’s plans range from $39.95 a month to $56.90 a month excluding fees and charges.

All cable services require the use of converter boxes and remotes which are supplied by the cable company either free or for a small nominal charge.