CPA Australia is Australia’s certified body for tax advisors/accountants . By selecting a CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant), you are assured the highest level of education, qualification and information from your advisor. You can locate a CPA member online, by suburb/locality or specialty at the CPA Australia Website.

CPA Australia

Most larger, international agencies that offer financial servicing can be relied upon to aid in advice or filing of taxes for both Australia, and any addition tax commitments overseas. Some recommended businesses that can help with this are:

H&R Block Australia
3rd Floor, 175 Collins St, CBD
03 9654 5058
Or toll free132325

Ernst & Young Australia
8 Exhibition St, CBD
03 9288 8000

Additionally, your company (or the company facilitating your overseas relocation) should be able to provide the names of reliable tax advisors in your area.

Keep in mind that whatever fee you pay a tax advisor will be deductible on the following year’s tax return.