Facilities for pets available in Melbourne



Almost all parks in Melbourne are dog-friendly, and the few that are not will be clearly marked by signpost. Check signs at any park you visit, as some allow leash-free play and others require your dog to be under leash control.


The following beaches are off-leash dog beaches, which means your dog can run and play without a leash. All other beaches are off limits to dogs during the summer (November 1 – March 31). In the off season (April 1- October 31), dogs are able to run and play on all other beaches without a leash.

Remember, dogs need to be under effective voice control and you still need to carry a leash. Don’t forget to take a couple of plastic bags so you can pick up any droppings. Dog owners face on-the-spot fines for walking dogs on prohibited beaches, for allowing dogs to wander at large, for ignoring sign posted leash laws, or for failing to pick up after their dog.

Middle Park
Between Langridge Street and 140 metres past Fraser Street toward St Kilda.

West St Kilda
From St Kilda Pier along Pier Road for 400 metres towards Middle Park Beach.

St Kilda
From Brooks Jetty, opposite the back of Luna Park, to St Kilda Marina.

Port Melbourne
Sandridge Beach between the rock groyne opposite Barak Road and the rock groyne opposite Cumberland Road, or between Lagoon Pier, South West to Dow Street



Lonely Pets Club
14 Tennyson St, Moonee Ponds
Daily visits for your pet when you are away. Feeding, conversation and affection. Kenneling services are available at their location as well.

Oz Doggy
Grooming, Pet sitting, Walking, Kennel/Boarding.

Pawsitive Dogwalks
03 9833 5963
Not just for dogs, Pawsitive offer all manner of pet care services and products. All staff are fully-trained in pet first aid.

Dogs Bed and Breakfast
39 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill
03 9561 0011
Daily pet minding or long stay kenneling at this expansive facility with friendly, knowledgeable staff.



You can buy pet food in every supermarket and convenience store in Melbourne. Predominantly sold in cans (wet food) and bags (dry, biscuit-type food), Larger supermarkets also regularly sell fresh meat for dogs (or cats, depending on their taste). You can buy kangaroo meat (a very low-fat, high iron, ecologically sustainable(diabetic or elderly) you can usually find low-fat, high mineral food in supermarkets as well. Birdseed is also readily available in most larger supermarkets. alternative to beef) or manufactured dog ‘rolls’ (processed meat stuffed into plastic wrapping) that are marked for easy cutting into 100 gram portions. If you prefer more specialised diets for your animals

Alternatively vets and pet stores carry a range of specialty pet food products, but be prepared to spend 4 to 5 times the price of food you’d find in the supermarket. For pampered pets, those on special diets, or for the occasional extra special treat, the following stores are recommended.

E & A Salce
647 High Street, Thornbury
03 9484 3805
Salce carry the best-known and trusted brands of pet food like Eukanuba and Iams. Their staff is very helpful if your pet has specific dietary requirements.

Pets Pantry
7 Hartley Ct, Rosanna
03 9459 7110‎
A great store that will also deliver food to your door (free for orders over $100). As well as food, Pets Pantry offer cleaning products, accessories, toys, litter and carriers.

Upmarket Pets
440 Queens St, CBD
03 9600 9120
Upmarket are a fun and quirky pet store that carry a full range of specialty food, accessories, toys, clothes, and additional pets.




Dog groomers are everywhere in Melbourne. These businesses offer basic grooming and clipping services.

Pet Art Retail and Grooming
78 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North
03 9489 2557
Boutique attention and extremely reasonable prices. Comes highly recommended by several expats.

Murphy’s Paw
401 Bay St, Port Melbourne
03 9646 5150‎
Fantastic staff will make your little furry ones feel at ease.

Dog Zone
53 North St, Richmond
03 9427 9888
Great groomers and a very social environment, for both the pooches and their owners.

In addition to these salons, there are hundreds of mobile dog groomers with specialised dog wash trailers that can come to you if you have a busy schedule. As these tend to operate suburb to suburb, check your phone book or online to find one near you.


Paws and Pose
574 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
03 9917 2964
A glamour photography studio for pets. All shots are tasteful and any nudity is merely artistic.

Puppy Phat
225 Barkly St, St Kilda VIC
03 9534 2225
If you’re the type of person that likes to dress your pet up in clothes, this is the shop for you. If you’re the type of person that likes to dress your pet in clothes to match your own, double that sentiment.