• Story of Texas by John Edward Weems
    A great book explaining the remarkable story of the State of Texas. The book is designed for children but is an entertaining easy read for adults as well. It talks about its fight for independence from Mexico and the sacrificing tale of the Alamo and explains what Texas is today.
  • America’s Historic Places by Richard L. Scheffel, Kenneth Chaya, Paula Pines and Gayla Visalli
    This book lists the vast amount of historic locations in the U.S. It shows great pictures and has detailed descriptions of National Parks, historic districts in towns, buildings, and significant places such as Wounded Knee Battlefield. The book lets you explore the history of the U.S. and helps you understand from where this country came and what it is was built.
  • Houston, Texas: A Photographic Portrait, by Jim Olive
    This book is for anyone that loves to learn about a new place through photographs. It is an excellent book about Houston with great pictures to enjoy and learn the city through a visual presentation.
  • The Book of Texas Bays, by Jim Blackburn
    A tribute to the Texas Coast describing the environmental challenges and beauty of the bays and estuaries.
  • United States, by Charles F. Gritzner
    For a complete history of the United States, this is an excellent book providing detailed information about the history of the country, customs, and travel destinations. If this is the first time in the U.S., this is definitely a great resource.


  • Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of How the Wildest Man in Congress and a Rogue CIA Agent Changed the History of Our Times by George Crile
    Even though this is considered fiction, the book is the story of Congressman Charlie Wilson of Texas, whose amazing determination makes him join forces with the CIA to end the brutal war of the Soviet Union against Afghanistan in the 1980s. The book became so successful that it was turned into a movie a few years ago. Considering the recent event concerning terrorism and the fight against it, this is a great read in understanding how U.S. Congress and the CIA work behind the scenes and the intertwined relations of public offices.
  • North and South (Trilogy Book 1), Love and War (Trilogy Book 2), and Heaven and Hell (Trilogy Book 3) by John Jakes
    A trilogy telling the saga of two families who find themselves torn apart when their principles and loyalty are tested in the Civil War of the North and South. The books go into much detail about the Civil War and its fights over slavery, and the South’s leaving of the union. It gives great insight into the story of the United States and at the same time, tells a captivating story that brings together love, brutality and sadness and highlights the struggles of two destroyed families.


  • Texas State Travel Guide by the Texas Department of Transportation
    You may need to buy this book used but it is a must-have for anyone traveling through Texas and exploring the State. The book has the description of every city in the State, its population and a map reference and then explains the city and its sightseeing highlights as well as its history and gives information on contacting the local visitor information center if there is one.
  • Day Trips from Houston, 12th: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler by Carol Barrington
    Houston offers a wealth of things to see and do, but it can be overwhelming for a newcomer to sort through where to start. This book outlines information about what to do in the area, so that no matter what someone’s interests are, they will be sure to find many things to keep them busy while visiting or living in Houston.
  • A Marma Guide to Houston and Galveston, by Syd Kearney
    Everyone needs one or more guides when visiting or moving to a new place. Houston and Galveston are both large and spread out, so a guide is very useful in not only providing information but helping newcomers to make heads or tails of the new place.
  • 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston, by Laurie Roddy
    In addition to the many things to see and do within the Houston city limits, there are many beautiful places to visit nearby. This book provides a variety of places to visit and enjoy the outdoors for individuals and families visiting or living in the Houston area.

Relocating to Houston and Surrounding Areas

  • Everything that you need to Know Before you Move and After you Get There, by Sandra Cook; This is a very comprehensive guide that can help walk you through the entire process of moving to settling in.
  • Fodor’s City Guide to Houston, 1st Edition: the Ultimate Sourcebook for City Dwellers
    This is a must-buy produced by a popular and well-known source for cities and countries around the world. This book outlines things to see and do, popular restaurants and bars, and family entertainment ideas.
  • Newcomer’s Handbook Neighborhood Guide: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, by Yu-Shan Chang
    For a complete overview of the city of Houston as a newcomer, this book provides all of the important details such as where to stay, best restaurants, best nightlife and so on.


  • Texas Highway MagazineThe Travel Magazine of Texas, published by the Texas Department of Transportation, delivered through a subscription service. Visit the website for a free trial issue