Veterinaries Guide Houston

Houston offers a tremendous selection of veterinarians. Most of the time, the only other language spoken than English is Spanish. If you need to take your animal to the vet and are concerned about a possible language problem, it is best to take someone with you that can translate and help you and the veterinarian understand each other.

Most veterinarians are open during regular business hours as well as Saturday mornings. Walk-ins may be taken but it is strongly recommended to call and make an appointment. Bring your pet’s health records with you and keep your dog on a leash and your cat in a pet carrier.

In general, the veterinarian will charge a check-up or examination fee and then add the cost of vaccinations or medicine. Fees and specialty vary greatly and you may ask your co-workers, friends or dog park acquaintances for a recommendation. Otherwise, here is a list of some clinics to choose from.

If you are living inside the city limits:

  1. Montrose Veterinary Clinic – 713-524-3814,
  2. Bissonnet- Southamptom Vet – 713-520-8742,
  3. Central Houston Animal Hospital – 713-526-1306,
  4. Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists – phone number depends on area of expertise,

If you are looking for a veterinarian for only cats:

  1. Memorial Cat Hospital – West Side – 713-461-2287,
  2. Cat Vet – Inside Loop West Side – 713-523-5171,
  3. Just Cats – The Woodlands – 281-367-2287,

For 24-hour emergency, you can bring your animal to an emergency pet clinic without an appointment. There may be a charge such as an after-hours or emergency fee in addition to the other costs. You should ask your regular veterinarian for the nearest emergency pet clinic and his recommendation and keep the information ready in case you need it.

Here are some of the many emergency pet clinics to choose from:

  1. Animal Emergency Center of West Houston – Far West side Hwy 6 – 832-593-8387,
  2. Houston Veterinary Services Animal Emergency – Inside the Loop – 713-693-1100,
  3. Animal Emergency Clinic SH 249, NW side – 281-890-8875,