Ambulances are either operated by a fire department, by a hospital or an independent ambulance service company.

In case of an emergency, you call 911. See Emergency Services for more information on calling 911.

For most ambulance services, such as special patient transport to a nursing home, hospice center, hospital or airport or to attend a sporting event, you would work through a doctor or the center’s service.

In general, ambulance services are only privately rented for sporting events or some other type of event that requires the presence of an emergency medical technician (EMT) or even a paramedic. In those cases, it is the organizer of the event that will need to contact an ambulance service company to send what is required. Not all ambulances are equipped with critical medical care items or paramedics and it is recommended you inquire about the staff and determine if the service’s staff meets your needs. Ambulance crew is required to have one EMT in the back but not a Paramedic.

Some ambulance services available in the Houston area are: