Private Schools Guide Houston

Private schools have much lower student-teacher ratios (on average ten students per teacher but depending on school possibly less) and are often chosen because of their ideology, curriculum, increased drive for achievement, and academic reputation. Many private schools are religiously based (with a high percentage Catholic) and/or college prep schools. These schools focus on an advanced placement curriculum that allow the earning of college credit and gives students advantages in the college admission process.Admission processes may be different, so check with the desired school. For example, you may need to fill out the current school year’s Application for Admission Form, add the required application fee and send it to the school’s office. The fee may be non-refundable and can range up to $200. A tour and interviews may help in deciding whether to apply or not and specifics about the admission process can also be inquired about then. A school year costs, on average, $15,000.

Unless specifically identified as an International School, most schools educate in English. A uniform may need to be worn by the students.

The following resources can be helpful in locating possible schools that fit your needs:

A list of some private school include: