Because of the difficulty in finding English-speaking odd-job workers in Hong Kong, most non-Chinese pay a slightly higher price for companies that cater to expats and offer handyman services. These companies generally charge between HK$350-$450 for the first hour, and HK$150-$250 for every subsequent hour. Their services include painting and decorating, furniture assembly and fitting, general maintenance and repairs and plumbing. If you are renting a property, it is necessary to consult the owner first as any repairs or decorating is usually their responsibility. You do not normally need to consult the management company of a building providing the works carried out will not affect any shared areas.

Recommended Companies

Company Name


Contact Details

Ezyfix Home Improvement Experts Tel: 2522 6226
Akash Moving & Handyman Services Tel: 2421 8088
WP Engineering Limited Tel: 2440 9241 / 9162 2171
National Harbour Renovation Tel: 27548182 / 9085 1886
Dr. Fix It All Tel: 2525 0055 / 9811 2053

Classifieds advertising the services of a handyman, movers and decorators can also be found in the classified sections of free publications like the List (, HK magazine( and Dollarsaver (