Most schools in Hong Kong have vibrant Parent Teacher Associations that feature much active participation of parents in the school life of a child. Parents are encouraged to constantly be in touch with the teachers and most schools have internal email programs which facilitate this. Newsletters are also often sent to keep parents abreast of the events at school.

The parent’s community at schools in Hong Kong, like other PTAs around the globe, organizes a host of social activities that aid interaction between the parents and the administration. These activities include hosting of school dances, balls and barbecues; participating in carol singing and other Christmas events, undertaking many fundraising activities like bake sales and bazaars, international food festivals and more.

Parents are also encouraged to provide chaperon services on field trips and often assist class teachers as well. In some international schools parents help out at the library and even participate in guided reading programs. A strong, interactive parent association is usually encouraged at most schools in Hong Kong for this helps the administrators to be aware of the constantly changing needs and requirements of the student body at the school.