Where you ultimately decide to settle in this exotic city depends on what you like, and while the search may not always be easy, it is one of the most important steps in making Hong Kong your home. Whether you choose an apartment in Central or a house in the New Territories, you must first decide which of these locations, or the many others throughout the city and suburbs, fit your lifestyle.

Take into consideration the beauty and prestige of each area, but also the practicality of its location and its amenities. Of course, interesting and attractive housing can be found throughout the city and surroundings, but a number of areas tend to popular for expatriates and their families.

Some ex-pats savor the quieter pace of life, village-like atmosphere, greenery, open spaces, and lower prices of the Hong Kong “suburbs” like Shatin, Tai Po, and the outer islands of Lamma and Lantau. This group is happy to live a life coupled with ‘minor’ inconveniences like a ferry schedule and sourcing produce at the local wet market in order to have what they believe is a better quality of life in Hong Kong.

Others, however, can’t bear to be away from the general hustle-bustle of city living and invest huge amounts of money on properties in and around Central, in areas like the Mid-levels and Soho. These city-dwellers are the ones who don’t want to do without their everyday conveniences like proximity to Hong Kong’s excellent public transport system, including the world-famous Central Mid-Levels escalator, the restaurants, shops, supermarkets and schools.

These areas and more will be discussed in the “Areas to Live in” section and will give you a headstart in your search for a new home