Ambulance Guide Delhi

In case of emergency, you can call an ambulance by dialing 102 from your phone. This number connects you to ‘Ambulance Service – Government of Delhi’ which has 150 fully equipped ambulances and 20 responders (two-wheelers). The people manning the ambulance will speak and also understand English. 102 is an advanced service, specially equipped to handle emergency cases.Some other ambulance providers include:

  • Ambulance Noida Authority (Ghaziabad) [Phone: 0120-2546546]
  • Assent Intl Nursing Staff (Andrews Ganj) [Phone: 20583228]
  • Chawla Ambulance Services (Patel Nagar) [Phone: 25701302 , 9811182069
  • Kapoor Ambulance Service (East Of Kailash) [Phone: 26287670, 9810077777

Delhi traffic police has a comprehensive list of ambulance services available in Delhi NCR region on its website. You can view the list here:

Some hospitals also have their own ambulance services, although be warned that cars rarely yield for ambulances the way they do in other countries, so transport may not be that fast. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s best to live as near as possible to a hospital.