Domestic Help Guide

There are two types of domestic staff available in Delhi—full-time help (who might also stay with you) and part-time help. Some houses come with servants’ quarters, and hired help lives on the premises (though not in the main part of the house). Sometimes, siblings or married couples will work together in the same house and share quarters. This could cost you anywhere from Rs. 4,000-8,000/month, plus meals and accommodation.Alternatively, you can have someone come into your house during the day to clean, cook meals, shop for groceries, and assist in other affairs. This will cost you around Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000/month.

Part-time help could run anywhere from Rs. 500/month for someone who sweeps and mops, to Rs.2,500 per month for 2-3 hours of cleaning and cooking per day.

It’s important that you communicate exactly how you want things to be done from the get-go. Make sure to discuss responsibilities, timings, and salary before finalizing the hiring process.

Police urge employers to register their domestic help’s address and other details at the local police station. You will have to provide your help’s photograph, along with her details, including name, age, husband’s name, and home village address (most maids in Delhi come to work from rural communities). The police cross-check the information provided and get back to the employers if something is amiss.

Finding Domestic Help

Though there are several agencies, word of mouth seems to be how most expats get their maids. Organizations like the AWA (American Women’s Association) assist in helping foreigners find domestic staff through their office. The DSR (Domestic Staff Registry within the AWA) maintains files containing the work histories of cooks, housekeepers, nannies and drivers looking for employment. [Phone 2419 8509]. You can interview the maids through this service every Friday.

Other agencies include:

    • Esha Placements (various branches around Delhi)[Phone: 26470715, 011-26470716] takes care of everything from the police verification done for your maid, cook or driver to arranging for cooks who specialise in international cuisine. Generally speaking, Esha does it all. The price is usually two-months salary of the personnel you hire.
    • Munjal Placement Lajpat Nagar [Phone: 64570305] provides all kinds of helping hands. Domestic maids—full-time or part-time—trained nurses for the elderly and the ailing, and ayahs for newborns are some of the services on offer. Depending on the availability of work permits, they also organise maids for overseas postings.
    • Ujjawal Manpower Solutions, (East Of Kailash,Delhi) [Phone: 41624096] is also adept at finding household help.