1. Delhi people are somewhat pet friendly and many families keep a number of pets. The law is extremely lax regarding pets and your dog or cat does not need to be registered. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has been contemplating taxing pet owners in Delhi, but no decision has been taken on this yet.Dogs, as pets, are more popular in Delhi than cats, which some people think bring bad luck. Before you move, you must check if the apartment block you have chosen allows residents to keep dogs/cats as pets. In fact, your estate agents may ask you if you have a dog while looking for a house for you because some landlords refuse to allow pets in their residences.

    Dogs are not allowed on trains, buses and in holy places, but they have free passage on roads and in parks. Most popular western pet food brands are available in India and your pet may not need to make any changes in its diet as a result of the relocation to India. However, expect to pay a premium for dog and cat food as it’s usually imported–many Indians feed their dogs mixes of rice and soy protein instead of dog food to save costs. It’s just as nutritious (soy contains as much protein as meat) and contains less chemicals, but is not as tasty and if you choose this path, you may want to supplement your pet’s diet with some meat from the local butcher.