Doctors and Hospitals Guide Delhi

Doctors in India are very competent and you can have access to the latest equipment and lab facilities in most big cities in India. Many doctors and dentists in Delhi have studied and worked abroad. Several of the hospitals and clinics offer medical care comparable to that found overseas at a fraction of the cost. Most consulates have a list of doctors and should be able to guide you to one that understands your language and is familiar with the health system in your country. Most hotels and service apartments in Delhi also have doctors and specialists on call.

Most good doctors are part-time consultants at hospitals and also have their own private practices. It is best to visit a doctor near your residence in case of emergency or general sickness. If you establish a relationship with the doctor, you can also ask if they will be open to making a house-call in case of an emergency.

Your health insurance agency may also give you list of hospitals they support. By law, hospitals are required to attend to any emergencies that come to them. There is no need to go and register with a hospital on your arrival.