Entertainment Options in Delhi

Delhi has enough to keep most people occupied every night, if so inclined. Dining out is one of the city’s favourite past times, and you can be assured of a good dining experience regardless of your budget. Delhi has good street food for those who relish an inexpensive snack and absolute gourmet options for those who have money to spend and like the high life.

Indians also love going to the the movies, and Delhi is home to over 200 multiplexes and cinema halls. Most show both Hollywood and Hindi-language Bollywood movies, although a few smaller cinemas may only show Bollywood. People in Delhi tend to eat dinner quite late (often not sitting down at the table until 10PM), so show times are later than in many other cities. Some screenings start as late as 1AM, even on weeknights!

There is also a thriving performance culture. Plays are quite popular in Delhi (although many are in Hindi), but dance performances are even more common (and thankfully don’t require any special language skills to enjoy). Popular Indian dance forms include Kathak, Oddissi, and Bharatanatyam.

If you’re a sports fanatic, Delhi offers ample opportunity for playing and watching sports, and has one of the best sporting infrastructures India has to offer. The most beloved spectator sport here is cricket, although polo and hockey are also quite popular.

New Delhi also has a decent nightlife by Indian standards, and there are plenty of places to go out on weekends. Most clubs are catered to mainstream music tastes and feature Bollywood, pop, and hip hop music, although there are some places where you can catch a live rock show, a jazz performance, or even dance to electronic music.