Shopping in Delhi

From times immemorial, Delhi has been an important trading center of North India. Many of its markets like Sheikh Sarai, Yusuf Sarai, Phool Mandi in Mehrauli and Chandni Chowk in Old City date back to centuries ago.

Present day Delhi, too, spoils shoppers for choice. The entire city is dotted with interesting old markets, big shopping complexes, wholesale markets and swanky shopping malls. The shopping experience is varied—you can shop for expensive designer wear or the latest European fashions at the glitzy malls of the town and then head out into the small and winding bazaars of the Old City to buy traditional jewelery or sweets from shops that date back many centuries.

Every market area also has its own specialties, its ambiance and shopping culture. Take a stroll around the old market places and you will get to experience the real culture and traditions of the city and wander around the new malls to see the contemporary culture of Delhi.

Between them, all of Delhi’s various markets offer everything that money can buy—from expensive designer clothes and elaborate wedding ensembles to heavily discounted export surplus cloths and very, very real-looking ‘fake’ merchandise. When shopping in the street or the markets of New Delhi, take your time to sift, sort, and look around to establish authenticity. Do not be afraid to bargain in the small markets.

Most markets and stores in New Delhi are open from 10 am to very late in the night. Shops are open on Sundays and most do not break for lunch.